If you have any questions feel free to contact us. We will review our rules and chronograph your gun before each event.


  1. I will listen to all staff instructions

  2. I will wear impact rated goggles that are full seal and have a retention strap - goggles must be Z87 ANSI rated

  3. I will wear face protection at all times when required.

  4. I will abide by the posted chrono limits and minimum engagement distances

  5. I will not blind fire

  6. Whenever I am not in the playing field, I will have my barrel blocking device on, my magazine out, my safety on, pistol in holster, and I will not dry fire

  7. I will use biodegradable BBs only

  8. I will respect the property and pick up all of my trash. Whatever you bring here take out with you.

  9. I will not climb on, move, or alter any field barricade

  10. I will not make physical contact or use profanity with staff or other players (no cussing allowed)

  11. I will not drink alcohol, smoke, or do any other drugs on the premises

  12. Ejection of players from our field for the following reasons: A. Removing or lifting goggle/ face mask system after first warning B. Any fighting with other players or referees C. Failure to play in a safe manner. D. Any player that his/her actions would make it not pleasurable for others to return to play and have fun.

  13. If I find someone's gear I will return in to a referee or return it to the rightful owner. 

  14. I will call my own hits, play honorably, and treat others as I would like to be treated


Rifleman - 1.5 Joules 400fps with .20g 10ft MED. ​

Pistols and shotguns- 1.5 Joules 400fps with .20g 0ft MED. ​

DMR - 2 Joules 450fps with .20g 50ft MED Semi-Auto only inside & outside. Please note DMR applies to any rifle shooting between 401fps to 450fps. ​

SAW/LMG - 2 Joules 450fps .20 50ft MED Full-Auto allowed. Not allowed to use inside building room to room. You are allowed to shoot from inside a building to outside & outside to inside. Please note that the 50ft MED still applies and if shooting from inside a building, the barrel of your SAW/LMG must break the door/window plane by 5 inches. This is to prevent a player from walking down the side of a building and accidentally being sprayed with bbs in their face. Please watch your amount of fire to prevent over shooting. ​


Sniper - 2.5 Joules 500fps with .20g 100ft MED Bolt Action only. ​


Grenades - Must function and preform as intended to count as going off. Ex. Thunderb must explode, EG-67 must explode, Cyclone must shoot bbs, ect. BB strike is not required to count as a hit. If inside a room and not behind hard cover such as a wall, you are hit. If outside and not behind hard cover, 15ft kill radius from the site of detonation.


Melee - Must be rubber or foam type weapon. Please see admin if you have questions for a specific melee weapon. Gentle tap to the players body counts as a kill, no hard stabs or slashes. If hit by a melee weapon, you can not be revived and must return to respawn or wait for your bleed out time if applicable to the specific game. You are not allowed to yell hit or call for a medic. Melee death is a silent death. Let the NINJA do NINJA things!