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blue field for wix.PNG

On the blue field it is partly flooded in most areas which makes it like a swamp. Each number represents a fort or area. Fort three is in the back of the swamp but it still gets wet inside and it is three sided. Fort one and two are both made of pallets and are above the flooded area most of the year. Circle B is a small bridge that crosses a little stream. Area 4 is area four and is small CQB area made from tires and pallets.

red field for wix.PNG

The red field is full of gorges and fallen brush and has plenty of cover throughout the field. It is rather flat and for the most part it's not to dense.

yellow field for wix 2.PNG

On the yellow field fort number one is large enough to fit five or ten people and sits on the top of a hill. And most of the yellow field is on the front side of a shale hill. It is densely wooded on most sides and is going to be great for capture the fort and other similar games.

orange field for wi.png

The front of the orange field is on the top of a hill, (near fort 1). While the back is on the side of the hill. Fort two is in super dense cedar trees and fort one is in a small clearing.

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